For too long, the humble tote bag has been overlooked as perhaps the most hard-working item in your wardrobe. Here at Amaboxly, we raise a toast to the bag that effortlessly sees us through our day-to-day activities. From carrying work laptops to hauling groceries, the tote has been our trusty companion. It’s the go-to piece that requires no second thought, seamlessly complementing every outfit. But let’s delve deeper into the world of totes.

Introducing: The Amaboxly Guide to the Tote Bag.

The Everyday Tote

Meet your ultimate companion: the bag that accompanies you everywhere. It’s filled with old receipts and empty gum wrappers, yet it manages to accommodate your phone, wallet, keys, makeup bag, laptop, diary, and even an extra pair of shoes for those ambitious days when you dare to wear heels.

When selecting this indispensable accessory, prioritize quality over quantity. A single well-crafted bag could serve you for a lifetime, so choose wisely. Opt for simplicity, elegance, and sophistication – in essence, something timeless.

The Shopper

It’s Saturday, and you’re gearing up for a day of shopping and lunch in town – what essentials do you bring along? Enter the shopper tote: the stylish younger sibling of your everyday tote. With a slouchier, sleeker design and a hint of playfulness, this versatile bag effortlessly transitions from a casual lunch outing to a weekend getaway. Plus, it still has room to accommodate your sneaky Amaboxly order, ensuring you’re always prepared for any adventure.

High Syle Totes

Craving a touch of luxury and sophistication? Elevate your style with a luxe tote that exudes class and elegance. With all the practical benefits of your everyday tote but infused with a hint of sass, this is the bag that commands attention. Embrace the mantra “fake it till you make it” as you flaunt this statement piece on one arm while sipping your mimosa with the other.

The Mini:

Not quite ready to part with your beloved mini bag? Dip your toes into the world of larger totes with a mini tote – the perfect compromise. Slightly more structured than its larger counterparts, envision your favorite bag shrunk down to a perfectly miniature size.

Canvas Tote:

If you’re on the hunt for a purse-friendly bag that combines practicality with style, look no further. Our favorite brands have you covered, ensuring you maintain your style-savvy status. Seeking simplicity? Núnoo tote bags embody the chic Scandinavian personality. Prefer a sporty vibe? Opt for a Tommy Jeans tote to match your casual-cool aesthetic.