With summer just around the corner, it’s finally time to break out all your cute dresses, rompers, crop tops, and skirts without worrying about freezing temperatures when you step outside. It’s the perfect season to showcase your flirty and fun fashion sense without any hesitation!

In today’s fashion landscape, bags play a significant role in your style statement, and there’s no better way to complete a summer outfit than with a standout purse. After all, you’ll need something chic to carry around your essentials to all the summer festivals, picnics, and pool parties you’ll be attending. Here are the must-have bags you should add to your collection this summer!

10 Summer Bags You Should Buy

  1. The Circular Straw Bag

It’s time to say goodbye to your leather winter bags and swap them out for something more fitting for the season—a circular straw bag! Circular straw bags exude super chic vibes and complement both casual white dresses and more structured office jumpsuits with ease.

This modern take on a large beach bag is the perfect accessory to infuse a beachy vibe into any outfit, no matter where you go!

  1. The Beaded Bag

Adding a cute beaded bag is an excellent way to elevate any look! This unique fashion accessory pairs beautifully with a structured blazer and fitted skirt combo.

Many popular tropical destinations offer these fun pieces at local shops, so why not pick one up and carry around some nostalgia with your new bag?

  1. The Clear Mini Backpack

Clear mini backpacks are currently a trending fashion item, and they’re incredibly versatile. These bags add a stylish touch to outfits featuring bold colors and plaid prints.

If you’re seeking a summer bag that seamlessly fits into your Instagram feed, the clear mini backpack is undoubtedly the perfect choice!

  1. The Netted Bag

This affordable bag made of natural materials is perfect for carrying around during the summer. It’s lightweight, foldable, and can easily fit into small spaces.

Pair your netted bag with some jeans and a chic pair of sunglasses for a flawless and comfortable look!

  1. The Embroidered Bag

Embroidered bags are a fantastic fashion accessory to incorporate into your summer wardrobe if you’re seeking a pop of color. This small statement piece can significantly enhance the appearance of any neutral or all-black outfit.

Feeling ambitious? You could even consider embroidering your own purse and showcasing your handiwork to all your friends!

  1. The Mini Crossbody Bag

“Stylish” and “practical” are key factors when it comes to crossbody bags. Depending on the color and style you choose, crossbody bags can be worn daily with virtually any outfit!

If you have a long day ahead and prioritize comfort while carrying all your essentials, crossbody bags are the perfect choice.

  1. The Bucket Bag

This ’70s-inspired handbag is a must-have in any summer wardrobe. Its unique, visually-appealing silhouette adds a touch of retro charm, while its functionality allows users to easily access their items inside.

Pair your bucket bag with a printed dress, and you’ll be all set to seize the day!

  1. The Tote Bag

Looking to make a stylish statement when heading to the office this summer? Look no further than a classic tote bag to carry your laptop while maintaining a fashion-forward look.

This durable and reusable bag option complements all professional attire effortlessly.

  1. The Belt Bag

This trendy bag is incredibly practical for a hands-free day. The belt bag is lightweight and versatile, allowing you to wear it over your shoulder or around your waist.

Throw on a belt bag over a monochromatic two-piece set and let your inner fashionista shine through!

  1. The Structured Wicker Bag

Wrapping up this list, we have the timeless structured wicker bag. This adorable, Pinterest-worthy piece perfectly complements floral blouses and flowy dresses.


In conclusion, as personal shoppers in Malaysia, we’ve highlighted a curated selection of must-have bags for the summer season. From versatile totes to chic crossbody bags, we’ve covered styles that are both fashionable and functional for your summer adventures. Our expertise in selecting the perfect accessories ensures that you can stay on-trend while enjoying the sunny days ahead.

As your trusted personal shoppers in Malaysia, we’re here to assist you in finding the ideal summer bag that suits your unique style and needs. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or exploring the city streets, we’ll help you make a statement with your accessory choices.

Don’t let the heat of summer catch you off guard – reach out to us today to discover the perfect summer bag tailored just for you. With our guidance and expertise, you’ll be ready to embrace the season in style, knowing that you have the support of dedicated personal shoppers in Malaysia.

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